Game Meat For Your Cat or Dog

Wild game is by far and away the best protein meat for your cat or dog. First, it's much leaner than commercially produced meat. Secondly, it's significantly higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, lower in cholesterol (due to the low saturated fat content), steroids-free as well as antibiotics and other additives.

Compared to commercially raised animals like cattle, chicken and hogs, game meats have an average of 4.3% fat while their domesticated competitors typically have a fat content of 25-30%. And we're no talking just any ole fat either. Wild game meat lot has less saturated fat (bad fat) and a considerably higher proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids (good fat).  Furthermore, the protein, vitamin, and mineral composition of wild game meat more or less is equivalent to farm-produced meat, domesticated competitors, particularly in terms to zinc and iron. This can be attributed to their natural diet of wild vegetation as opposed to grain and corn. 

As well, consider the clinical implications of high saturated fat diets, such as chronic inflammation, a major contributor to dozens of chronic diseases. Recent studies have even found positive associations between red meat intake and liver cancer, while game meat or “white meat” may be associated with reduced risk. Makes sense.

Take a trip back in time, about 10,000 years or so when man domesticated animals had yet to be developed by man. Wild game was the only meat option. Not bad considering it's so very and contains a healthier ratio of fatty acids. I'll bet you there weren't too many overweight prehistoric folks running around with their clubs. Wild game is the original grass-fed, free-range, sustainable meat source. So get your pet in touch with his primal self and eat the meats from which he evolved. Your pet will be glad you did.