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A healthy pet is a happy pet

Satisfy your dog or cat’s nutritional needs with our human-grade, grain-free raw meals

At Mrs. Meadys we control the entire production-to-delivery cycle to make sure your pet gets fresh meat and produce from ethical local sources, lovingly prepared and delivered to your front door.

Our goal?

Providing nutritionally balanced, hormone-free meals that promote robust health, longevity and less visits to the vet.

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fresh delivery

Packed fresh and delivered in chilled boxes

Grain-free raw food, picked, packed and delivered frozen from the local supplier - right to your front door

Delivery to most parts of Quebec and Ontario

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Portion control made easy

Every pet is unique and has individual diet needs, so we've created an easy to use pet food calculator that takes the guesswork out of feeding. Customize daily portions based on the age, condition, activity level, metabolism and eating habits of your cat or dog

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other valuable tips on caring for your pet.

Feeding On-Demand

Feeding On-Demand

On-demand feeding works best for my dog, DJ. When he’s hungry, he'll let me know -- either by nodding his head, whining, or shouting in my ear, “Fe...

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Watering Your Dog

Watering Your Dog

One of the great benefits of a raw diet is its exceedingly high moisture content, something in the range of 75%. This means that a raw-fed cat or d...

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What About a Guard Dog?

What About a Guard Dog?

There was a home invasion across the street from us this week. Scary stuff. Screaming, squealing tires, cops, ambulance - the whole nine yards. Ine...

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