Chicken with Rabbit

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Type: Cat Food
Vendor: Mrs. Meadys

Main Benefits

Clean Teeth & Healthy Gums

Better Digestion & Allergy Relief

Less Poop & Less Stink

Reduced risk of bone disease


Our Chicken with Rabbit is perhaps the food that best mirrors your cat’s ancestral diet. Low in fat and high in nutritional value, rabbit meat delivers major long-term benefits. And when combined with chicken and liver, it provides a superb all-around meat for a truly balanced diet.

Ingredients: Rabbit, chicken, bone powder and veal liver. 

Rabbit meat is well known for its high protein content. A 3-oz. serving of rabbit meat contains 28 g of protein, more than beef or chicken. Rabbit is also a concentrated source of iron and low in sodium. A serving contains more than 4 mg. Additionally, the meat provides a wide range of minerals. The highest levels include 204 mg of phosphorous and 292 mg of potassium. The calories in rabbit meat are low. A serving contains only 147 calories. In addition, rabbit meat is also a good source of Vitamin B6 and Phosphorus, and a very good source of Niacin, Vitamin B12 and Selenium.

We use premium, Grade A Canadian grain-fed chicken mixed with bone powder to compliment this healthy meal. Chicken is an excellent base for your cat's diet, great for kittens, cats with sensitive stomachs or cats transitioning to a raw diet. Because chicken is a relatively bland meat and easy to digest, it’s a recommended starter meat for cats easing into the raw diet.

Mrs. Meadys’ grain-fed, locally-sourced chicken is a primary source of essential amino acids and glucosamines, which help promote bone health and boost your pet's immune system. Chicken is also chockfull of cancer-protective B vitamin and niacin that help regulate glucose levels in the body while converting protein, fat and carbohydrates into usable energy. Vitamin B6 supports energy metabolism and cardiovascular health.

Our blend is mixed with liver which like other organ meat, is a normal part of the feline diet. Liver gets high grades for delivering vitamin A, vitamin K, iron, and phosphorus, all essential in maintaining your cat’s optimal health.

"All Mrs. Meadys’ products come from locally sourced suppliers."

Naturally treated for purity with our 2PUR ™ system.

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Type: Cat Food
Vendor: Mrs. Meadys