Sanitary Precautions for Feeding Your Dog During COVID-19

golden retriever in grass

The current situation got me thinking of the common flu, how ubiquitous it is in our society. There's even a "flu season", a term that always bothered me.

Seasons should be beautiful, like the crimson and ochre hues of autumn, the purity of fresh snow, the emerald green buds of spring, the pink and tangerine sunsets of summer. But to give a season to the flu and all that it implies just seems wrong.

And then there's this Covid 19 thing. Scary stuff, but life goes on. Here at Mrs. Meadys, we're taking all the necessary precautions, keeping our nose to the grindstone, our facility spic ‘n span. After all, your pets' food is an essential service. Fortunately, we maintain complete control of our products with no middlemen handling your food. No wholesalers, distributors or other retailers - just us.

True, it's a major undertaking to produce and sell directly to the end-user, but then again, there are no additional hands touching your food, warehousing it or truckers manhandling our lovingly crafted products.  Nothing gets between us and your pet’s food.

Fear not gentle pet-owner, during these trying times, Mrs. Meadys has your back. Even if you're in lock-down mode, freshly made human-grade pet food is but a click away.