Dogs Are Like

Dogs are like accountants. They thrive in an orderly world.
But they’re also like anarchists - seeking mayhem, destroying property, eating tax bills.
Dogs are like kids who never grow up. Forever young, forever stupid.
But they’re also like soldiers, ready to serve, protect and sacrifice. Defending home turf with their lives.
Dogs are really peaceniks, fighting is a last resort. Snoozing on the sofa is preferable.
Dogs are workaholics. A happy dog is a dog with a job.
But they’re also like spring-breakers: Reveling in the moronic - trashing hotel rooms, urinating on streets, humping on the beach.
Dogs are perfect in every way, except for all those genetic flaws - the most of any species on the planet, except for the Trumps.
Like the ultimate British bulldog, Winston Churchill, might have said: Dogs are a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.
Like us.
Dogs live in the moment, they carpe the diem. Grab life by the balls, even if they’re castrated.
Dogs are family:  The crazy auntie in the attic, cousin Ira, who brushes his teeth with hummus.
But most important, dogs are us. Quirky, eccentric, insane - human to the core.
I’m sure of that.