Toro Chews


Nothing beats a tasty and healthy chew like our  pack of 10 homemade pizzle bully sticks for a tiny price. Bursting with flavour, this treat also packs a big nutritional punch.


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Nothing beats a tasty, all-natural, healthy and long-lasting chew like our Toro Chews, aka dehydrated beef trachae. Bursting with flavour, glucosamines and chondroitin both of which have shown to improve joint health and mobility for dogs. And don't forget the dental benefits of trachae that promotes gum and dental health, because gnawing away on this chew helps to remove plaque and tartar build up.

Ingredients: Beef trachae

Dogs need protein to build, heal, and maintain bones and joints and to protect and regulate body process. Beef trachae is a great protein option for canines and the ingredient is popular in many pet-food options.

Make your dog treats count. Give them a healthy treat, like our Toro Chews. Instead of a dry-processed biscuit, reward your dog with a homemade Toro Chew that’s loaded with fortifying glucosamines and is an excellent source energy-boosting dietary fat. More important, it helps in the building and maintenance of muscle as well as optimal dental health in dogs.

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100% natural and purified with our 2Pur™ process

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2Pur™ food purification for guaranteed pet food safety

When it comes to pet food safety, there shouldn't be any compromises. You need to know that the brand you're buying is producing the best and safest product conceivable. That's why we developed our own proprietary dual-process food purification system, Mrs. Meadys' 2Pur™ method.

2Pur™ is 100% natural: no chemicals, cooking, radiation or high-tech manipulation.

Our standards are high, because we believe that it's the only way to go. Just as you demand the best and safest food for yourself and family, you want the same for your pet.