The Gravy for Cats

Type: Cat Food
Vendor: Mrs. Meadys

Main Benefits

Clean Teeth & Healthy Gums

Better Digestion & Allergy Relief

Less Poop & Less Stink

Reduced risk of bone disease


What would roast beef or turkey be without gravy?

Gravy unleashes the true essence of any meat, it’s the savory lifeblood that pumps taste through your pet’s veins - so why is it so rare to find a pet food company that makes this essential companion?

Introducing Mrs. Meadys’ 100% natural Red Deer Gravy, the final ingredient that will transform your cat or dog’s meal into a gastronomical experience fit for the king of the jungle 

Whether you’re a kibble or raw-diet evangelist – two very different  approaches to feeding your cat or dog – there's little fear of dissent. Whatever their meal, whether it be Kibble or red chunks of beef, bison, lamb or chicken, Mrs Meady’s gravy will be appreciated and loved by your pet.

Equally important, our gravy will do more than strongly appeal to your pet’s taste buds.  Packed with human-grade vegetables and meat, it will also provide them with a truly healthy meal enhancer.


We use only human-grade ingredients including Red Deer stock, carrots, cabbage, celery, parsley and thyme…that’s it. No additives, no preservatives, none of those chemicals created in a lab.


But Mrs. Meadys Red Deer Gravy is more than just a mighty meal-enhancer or a topping that awakens your pet’s dormant taste buds. If you have a picky or finicky eater, our gravy just might be the natural encouragement your pet needs to renew its appetite and sustain its health.

If your pet is thin and needs to gain some weight, add some Mrs. Meadys’ gravy and watch him fill out. And what about senior cats and dogs that are tired of eating the same ole stuff day in and day out? Top off their meals with our gravy and reignite their spark for life. Puppies and kittens can also benefit from our gravy – it’s a neat way to get them to lick their bowls clean.

Easy to serve

Just thaw, reheat and pour over the meal. Each jar contains 190 ml, about 7 ounces. Store in fridge and use within 2 weeks.