Cooking Meat for Your Dog Enhances the Taste

great dane watching barbeque

There's something about the effect of heat on meat that transforms it into a savory dish only a vegetarian could resist. Heat enhances the taste, the texture, the smell of meat into a sensory festival of delight. 

A sizzling steak off the barbecue, a rack of ribs, chicken on the rotisserie - scents that bring out the Cro Magnon that lurks deep within us. Take a walk through the neighborhood on a balmy summer night, inhale the aromatic wafts of smoke seasoning the air and you've captured a little slice of carnivorous heaven.

So imagine what the smell of sizzling meat has on a dog with their bionic-like sense of smell. Makes them crazy. That said, you probably know that for a long time I've been an advocate of feeding your dog his raw meal frozen. He'll benefit from the chew, clean his teeth, eat slower and take in more water. I still stand by it, but...

What if your dog could get the best of both worlds? This occurred to me the other day when DJ was a little slow on his bowl of coco-peanut buttered duck necks. My microwave oven winked at me and I was off. I placed the frozen duck necks inside and heated them for only 15 seconds - just enough to warm up the meat and get a little savory steam happening. 

Worked like a charm, DJ lunged into the bowl like my portly Uncle Sandor at an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet. Meanwhile like 90% of the meal was still frozen, so DJ still benefited from all the good stuff that a frosty raw meal delivers.

But hey, don't take my word for it. Try it on your pooch and let the good times roll.