The Social Benefits of Owning a Dog

dog licking girl

There's dog groomers, dog walkers, dog sitters, doggy daycare, how about rent-a-doggy for singles? Though I say this in half-jest, it's a natural. Dogs are people-magnets, great ice-breakers, a walking advertisement for who you are.

No doubt about it; if you're single and you want to meet people, get a dog - a friendly one, the cuter the better. People will smile at you, stop you in street, even hug you...especially politicians on the campaign trail. (Two outta three ain't bad).

And if you're lucky enough to have a real people-dog like I do, then you'll never be lonely, dates will fall in your lap like manna from heaven. Before you know it, you'll have four kids, a white picket fence and a Dodge Caravan.

My dog, DJ, is mad about women, he's a canine version of Hugh Hefner. Upon greeting a lovely lass, he'll hug her legs and beg for kisses. When she inevitably picks him up, he'll smother her with licks and kisses as if it's a honeymoon night. And trust me on this one, the ladies love it! Needless to say, some of that loves rubs off on the owner and it can be quite pleasant...

A dog will get you out of the house and meeting more people than you can imagine. A dog is universally loved by all, a dog can make your social life whether you're single, married or somewhere in between. And if the Beatles are right about "Love is all you need," then get a dog.

A dog is all you need.

A dog is all you need.

He loves you, ya ya ya...