How to Mix Kibble With a Raw Diet

Can I mix kibble with raw? It's a question lots of people ask, particularly those with large breeds and a budget in mind. Then there are those transitioning from kibble to raw who want to go gently into that good diet. Well, the old wives' tale is that you can't mix both because raw is digested in hours, while kibble crawls throw the digestive system like a snail. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

I'll address the science of this in a bit, but it doesn't surprise me at all. In fact, we have many customers who mix including a vet whose Great Dane lived until the ripe old age of 14 on a raw - kibble combo diet. Some customers just add raw to their kibble to enhance the taste and eating experience, while other do it for the dental benefits. In any case, it's great news for pet owners who either want to move to a raw diet gradually, or those with big-eaters on budgets.

Check out this scholarly fact-based article, Digest This: Kibble May Actually Digest Faster Than Raw on the website.

In a nutshell, the author shares with us the findings (along with x-rays) of a study that compared the digestion process of a raw meal versus a kibble one. Since kibble was actually digested faster than raw, the author concludes that there is no harm for dogs to eat a meal of raw mixed with kibble. But don't take my word for it, please read this excellent data-driven article supported with some fascinating x-rays of the digestive process. That said, I have no doubt that as raw diets are becoming more popular more studies dispelling the negative myths of raw feeding will emerge and enlighten us. Enjoy your read.