Let It All Hang Out

I’m that idiot stopped next to you at the red light. Stereo cranked up to thunderous, carpool karaoke-ing  to the Stones, (Lizzo if no one's looking), my yapping terrier riding shotgun, his wiry head poking out the window - going mental to the max.
This scenario only happens when I'm with my dog. Who else would harken to my call of the wild, my battle cry, my howling at the intersection - no surrender?
Only my dog.
Alone in the car, I’m effervescent, just another mild-mannered Clark Kent singing along to Michael Bublé, It's a Beautiful Day. Hands gripped fiercely to the steering wheel at 10-to-2. Gotta make it to the meeting with the accountant 15 minutes early, cuz I pride myself on always being early, even when I'm late - which is often.
But in the car with my dog riding shotgun, I’m a beast, I’m Mick Jagger, the kind of dude you don't bring home to mama. I just -
Let it all hang out.
Let it all hang out.

Don’t signal for a left
Cuz mah flicker’s broken
Exhaust pipe’s a-smokin’
Like Jagger I’m provokin’
Let it all hang out
Let it all hang out

Driving with my dog, we’re Smokey and the Bandit, we’re Fast and Furious, we’re batshit crazy.
Let it all hang out.
Cuz I’m a dawg..
And a bad-ass speedin' hog
When I’m drivin' with mah dog.

Bikers beware: My dog don’t like your vroom vroom, your modular helmet and that wild thing huggin’ you from behind. She’s for him.
Hey biker guy, cower in fear to my dog’s deep throttling growl, shake from his blood-curdling Cujo howl - he don’t like your face. Or your bike, a Honda. Snicker, snicker.
We gonna let it all hang out.
Let it all hang out.
Who needs a biker gang when you got a dog? Don't need to be no movie star, no Jack of Spades, no Joe Willie Cool when you got wheels and a dog.
Let it all hang out.
One mo' time
Let it all hang out.

Gonna drive into that tangerine sunset. Don’t know if I’m ever coming back. The road is my Liberator, the dog is my id and I shall cruise.

For miles and miles. And miles and miles.
Gonna let it all hang out.
Let it all hang out.