How Much to Feed Your Dog on a Raw Diet

Dog on a raw diet

One of the most popular raw-feeding FAQs I get is, "How much do I feed my dog?" It's a good question, but there are a number of variables to consider, such as age, activity level, metabolism and overall condition.

The rule of thumb is 2.5% of your dog's body weight per day, so if you have a 100 lb dog, you'd feed him about 2.5 lbs per day. But this benchmark is just the starting point. For example, a puppy will eat double or about 5% its bodyweight and an active sporting dog will also eat more than the 2.5% mark. Conversely, an overweight pooch or a less-active senior will eat less.

The deal is that you have to fine tune the diet. Give it a couple months to see how your dog's doing on his new raw diet and judge by his weight and appetite how much he really needs. Like people, each dog's dietary needs are different and you must customize his portions accordingly.