How To Make Your Dogs Have Healthy Gums

Let's just say I bit into my toasted mega sandwich with perhaps a little too much enthusiasm. The abrasive toast scraped against my gums and mildly shredded them. It felt like a cold sore convention was being held in my mouth and I couldn't consume anything hot for over a week. Fortunately my gums are healthy and they recovered quickly, but what if all the food I ate was abrasive against my gums? Before long I'd calling Denture City my home.

And to a certain degree this is the fate of most cats on dogs on kibble diets. Their gums are brutalized daily. No wonder periodontal disease is prevalent among cats and dogs, increasing their risk of diabetes, heart disease and other related afflictions.

That's what I love about raw diets for cats and dog - the smooth texture of meat massages and hydrates their gums. It also gives them a better and more satisfying chew which ultimately helps build stronger gums. And while there may be a host of other reasons for feeding your pet a raw diet, healthier gums are reason enough to make this wise choice.