Why Frozen Raw Food is Better Than Dehydrated

tv dinner

Dehydrated raw food for dogs is okay...if you're traveling, but it's a far cry from feeding your pooch the real thing. 
It reminds me of the old powdered orange drink, Tang. They used to advertise that astronauts drank it. So it was convenient for space travel, that's about the best you can say about that powdered drink. 
I would argue that the same applies to dehydrated raw food - just add water and you've got your raw meal. Convenient - maybe, but where's the chew? Where are the dental benefits? Instead of cleaning their teeth on frozen chunks of meat, the dog ends up lapping up his food like a bowl of porridge. 
I'm also quite sure that the taste isn't anywhere near as good as raw food in its original form. Of course if you've been chosen to go on the Mars One mission along with your dog, then that's another story...