Feeding Your Dog Hot & Cold

Yes indeed, Old Man Winter is approaching and I'm already procrastinating on the winter tires. A nor'easter storm blows mighty, stripping the remaining leaves off the trees, banishing the golden hues of autumn until next year. And clocks soon go back, throwing our circadian rhythms into anarchy. At least we have our pets to ground us through the dark months.

Might as well take the proverbial bull by the horns and like our cars, prepare our furry critters for the freezing days ahead. How good does Irish stew feel in the belly on a bone-chilling day? Pretty damn good, so I like to treat my dog to the same comforting pleasure by heating up his meals. Not totally though, I want him to benefit from the best of both worlds of feeding - hot and cold.

I'll place his meal in the micro-wave for about 30-40 seconds, just long enough to make the outer layer piping hot, billowing with savory steam that will whet his appetite...(not that it needs any whetting). He will inevitably attack the heavenly meat-balls like my Uncle Feivish the magician, (aka The Great Shandor) at an all-you-can-eat buffet, but with better manners. Here's the catch - the inside of the meatballs will more or less remain frozen, so his teeth will still get that frosty scrubbing and his sinewy terrier bod will hydrate itself like a sponge. A winning combo any way you look at it.

Winter may be upon us, but nothing beats it like a warm belly and a hearty bowl.

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