Scientific Proof That Raw Diets are Appropriate For Your Dog or Cat

dog jaw bone and teeth

Is a cheetah built for running, a monkey for climbing, a seal for swimming?  Take a look at their bodies and the answer becomes obvious. Next question: Is a dog built for consuming meat and bones? Take a look at the canine skull and the answer again is just as apparent. The pincer-like configuration of the snout and powerful jaw culminating in elongated curved and sharp fangs attest to the fact that canines are carnivorous-eating machines. I am humbled by the perfection of evolution.

And to think that people actually feed these domesticated predators dry kibble? Nothing less than a crime against Nature! If humans were meant to fly we'd have wings, if dogs were meant to eat kibble, they'd have flat teeth like sheep. Enough said.

In fact, sharp curved teeth are so synonymous with the canine, that our cuspids are also called "canine" teeth. In terms of the appropriateness of a raw diet for dogs, Nature could not be more clear.

As gruesome as it may sound, a carnivore is a flesh-eating machine, it's not a bunny or a beaver or a goat. If we have become so consumed with natural and organic food, so intent on eating "free-range" products from grazing animals, doesn't a raw diet for cats and dogs make just as much sense? It's just how Nature meant it to be.



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