5 Ways to Enhance Your Cat or Dog's Eating Experience

gravy in jar for cats and dogs

If adding a little spice is the key to a good life, why not add some to your cat or dog's meal?

Here are a few ideas that will definitely make your pet's meal experience tastier, interesting and even more fulfilling.

1) The tried-and-true table scrap is always a good garnishing. Since dogs are what they call scavenging carnivores, a scrap or two is actually biologically appropriate. Just make sure it's not sugary or well-seasoned food.

2) Gravy: Both cats and dogs derive loads of pleasure from the olfactory piece of the eating experience. Add a couple spoons of a savory gravy and your pet will think he's dining in a four-star bistro on the banks of the Seine. (Try our Venison gravy for cats and dogs!)

3) Add a topping: Peanut butter, cheese, canned tuna or sardine oil and you'll add a zesty new twist to your pet's meal, not to mention a smattering of healthy fats. 

4) Throw in a raw beef marrow bone. Not only will your pet get a long-lasting chew, but the flavor of the bone will seep into the food and vice versa. Nothing like a meaty bone to transform a mundane meal into a carnivorous feast.

5) Hide it: This is my favorite addition to meal enhancement and it has nothing to do with food. From time to time, I'll take my dog's raw meal, wrap it in kraft paper, stuff it in a small box and seal it with tape. Then I'll toss it into his crate and let him go at it. He'll rip apart the box in order to get his food. It's as close to hunting a wild varmint as he'll ever get, but at least it gives him the pleasure of the hunt, (as watered-down as it may be). True, it's a little messy to clean, but if you confine it to a crate or an easy-to-clean cordoned off area, the clean-up will be well worth it.

At the end of the day, remember that eating for a canine or feline is one of the major focal points of their lives, kind of like work is for us. The eating experience for your pet should not be a chow-down, it should be an activity to be savored. Enhancing your pet's meals is ultimately about enhancing their lives.

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