Seal Oil

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Type: Dog Food
Vendor: Mrs. Meadys

Main Benefits

Clean Teeth & Healthy Gums

Better Digestion & Allergy Relief

Less Poop & Less Stink

Reduced risk of bone disease


Our seal oil is premium quality, 100% Canadian, 100% wild.

Seal oil is the best natural supplement you can give your cat or dog to support robust health, skin & coat, heart endurance, joint health, immune system and growth & reproduction.

Seal oil contains 4% DPA (an omega fatty acid) that occurs naturally in few places: Seal oil and a mother's breast milk are two of them. DPA intensifies the benefits of traditional Omega-3s (DHA and EPA).

Seal oil increases overall Omega-3 retention in the body by more than 50% over fish oil.

DPA is an excellent aid in repairing damages blood vessels.

Enhanced absorption: The molecular triglyceride structure of the seal is more easily assimilated by your pet which means optimal digestion and absorption results.


Ingredients                                 Per 4 ML (2 pump strokes)

Seal oil (Made with seal blubber)

Omega-3 Fatty Acid

DHA          8%   288 mg

EPA           6%    216 mg

DPA           4%    144 mg      


Body Weight                         Pump Strokes

less than 6 kg or cats            1/2 - 1

6 - 12 kg                                  1 - 2

12 - 24 kg                                3 - 4



Type: Dog Food
Vendor: Mrs. Meadys