Ground Seal Meat


Seal meat is the best all-round meat you can feed your cat or dog. Add a few cubes to your pet's meal.


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Seal meat is the best all-round meat you can feed your cat or dog. Add a few cubes to your pet's meal.

Omega-3 fatty acids are found in foods, but seal meat contains the highest concentration of the less common Omega-3, DPA, 4%.

Which may not sound like a lot, but check this out. 

The DPA in seal compared to fish increases overall Omega-3 retention in the body by 53.6%.

Which in turn provide calories to give your pet's body energy and protect the heart, blood vessels, lungs, immune and endocrine systems.

Here's just some of the wonders that DPA Omega-3s do for your pet:

    • Supports optimal eye health
    • Enhances the ability to repair damaged blood vessels 
    • When more DPA is present in the diet, and therefore body/tissues, 1/10th the amount of EPA (another key amino acid) is needed for blood vessel repair.
    • This is good for the brain, heart, & vessels throughout the body.
    • Prevents clots by reducing blood cells from sticking together.
    • Improves wound healing by helping new cells to grow and move towards the site of injury so the new cells can repair any damage.
    • Turns on fat burning genes and turns off genes that promote excessive inflammation.
    • Leads to the production of its own anti-inflammatory molecules known as “resolvins” and “protectins.”

Best of all, seal meat, this super food, is 100% natural and 100% Canadian.

100% natural and purified with our 2Pur™ process

Locally sourced

No additives

Packed in frozen containers

A healthy pet is a happy pet

2Pur™ food purification for guaranteed pet food safety

When it comes to pet food safety, there shouldn't be any compromises. You need to know that the brand you're buying is producing the best and safest product conceivable. That's why we developed our own proprietary dual-process food purification system, Mrs. Meadys' 2Pur™ method.

2Pur™ is 100% natural: no chemicals, cooking, radiation or high-tech manipulation.

Our standards are high, because we believe that it's the only way to go. Just as you demand the best and safest food for yourself and family, you want the same for your pet.