Bison-Rabbit Delight


All orders are picked from trusted localsuppliers and packed in freezer-proof ziplock bags that keep your food fresh for up to 24 hours after shipping.

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Our Bison & Rabbit is perhaps the combination of meats that best mirrors your feline's ancestral diet of hoofed prey and small game.

Low in fat and high in nutritional value, rabbit meat delivers major long-term benefits. This free-range product is a superb all-around meat that can be used as the core to a balanced diet.

Grass-fed, hormone-free Canadian bison. Excellent source of vitamin B, selenium, iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid. 

Main Benefits

  • Better digestion and allergy relief
  • Shiny, Healthy Coat
  • Protects against anemia
  • Delays the onset of age-related diseases.

100% natural and purified with our 2Pur™ process

Locally sourced

No additives

Packed in frozen containers

A healthy pet is a happy pet

2Pur™ food purification for guaranteed pet food safety

When it comes to pet food safety, there shouldn't be any compromises. You need to know that the brand you're buying is producing the best and safest product conceivable. That's why we developed our own proprietary dual-process food purification system, Mrs. Meadys' 2Pur™ method.

2Pur™ is 100% natural: no chemicals, cooking, radiation or high-tech manipulation.

Our standards are high, because we believe that it's the only way to go. Just as you demand the best and safest food for yourself and family, you want the same for your pet.