The Danger of Feeding Your Pet A Raw Diet of Rendering Meat

dog head

First question recently asked by a new customer, "Is your food human-grade?"

"Of course," I answered. "It's illegal in our province to sell packaged raw pet food that isn't human grade."

And rightly so, "rendering meat" can be a nasty affair, diseased carcasses, cattle that died prematurely, meat that can even be infested with parasites. Needless to say, our government's health authorities don't want any of that potentially hazardous meat anywhere near your fridge or freezer.

Which brings me back a few years ago to a call I received from a local farmer. At first, he caught my attention. He raised beef cattle and produced his own line of meat. He had a "deal" on a container of premixed beef and organ meat. Was I interested?

When I asked about the quality and certification of the meat, he replied, "It's great for dogs, they're immune from the particular strain of parasites in the meat."


I couldn't believe what he was saying? 

Unfortunately however, some dog-owners are of the same mindset as this farmer. "Looks like meat. Dogs can eat anything and best of all, it's cheap."


You think so? I'm sure you can pick up a host of parasites free of charge.

For the life of me, I can't understand how this meat - if you want to call it that - is used for consumption of any sort in the pet food world, in dry or in raw formats. There are those out there who have been poisoning our air, our water, our minds. Don't let them poison your pet, they've already caused enough damage to our world.