Raw Diet is Better for Your Dog's Digestive Health

dog choosing raw dog food over kibble

Caught some flak from my previous blog post about mixing kibble with raw. And to those purists who objected against feeding any kibble at all - I get you. Once you start feeding your cat or dog a raw diet, there's no question that it's the right decision.

But for those kibble feeders who, for any number of reasons, just want to go part raw, I say, "Something is better than nothing." My previous blog addressed the erroneous but widely-held myth that mixing kibble with raw is bad. So now that we know it's safe and that kibble takes about the same time to digest as raw, let's discuss why raw digests better than kibble.

The quick-and-dirty reason is that raw food produces far more "good" bacteria in the intestines that helps break down the food better and thereby distribute the proteins, minerals and vitamins more efficiently throughout your pet's body. And as my fellow raw-feeders know, the proof in the poop. Raw-fed cats and dogs produce a lot less poop than kibble-eaters. Garbage in, garbage out is how I view it. 

In any case, don't take my pithy word on it, click on the following link rawdogfoodfeedingcommunity.com to learn more about this study that shows how raw diets promote healthier digestive systems in dogs. Enjoy your read.