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Customer Reviews

Here's what some of our customers have to say about our products...

I always like to try to support local businesses. A big (unsolicited) shout out to wonderful Lisa from the relatively newly opened Mrs. Meady's Raw  Dog and Cat Food store on Churchill. My two senior dogs love their new food, the price is right and it beats processed commercial dog food by a mile. She is very knowledgeable and the transition to raw was easy.  Like to spread around my positive experience!

Jane Blanchard, Greenfield Park, Quebec



How do senior dogs do on a Mrs. Meadys raw diet? Very well, thank you, according to Noelle, the 12-year old Border Collie.


Massimo C., Montreal

teddy jump
"Mrs. Meadys raw -- takes your pooch to new heights!"
Kim B., Montreal


These 2 mini daschunds are the prized progeny of champion breeder, Teckel de Nord in Mirabel, Quebec, a Mrs. Meadys-fed kennel. Like we say, "The breeder knows!"


Sal F., Montreal



How does Mrs. Meadys rate with Keiko?

"A+," says his mommy!


Sandra L., Montreal

Bonjour David,
La moindre des choses pour moi est de faire une lettre de remerciement pour les superbes résultats que nous avons jusqu’à maintenant avec notre chien, grâce à la nourriture de Mrs. Meady
Je commence par le début, notre chien est un pitbull de 3ans et demi, il se nomme Grizzly, depuis qu’il est jeune on a rencontré plusieurs complications ; c’est un chien qui a la peau sensible qui a eu des problèmes de plaques rouge sur le corps, des boutons qui se propage partout sur son corps si ce n’est pas traité avec des antibiotiques. Nous avons fait affaire avec la même vétérinaire depuis son jeune âge qui nous a proposer plusieurs traitement (Antibiotiques, traitement contre les puces, lavage avec médicaments, et la liste continue) mais les problèmes reviennent toujours, et nous étions tanner de constamment donner des médicaments a notre chien sans savoir la cause de ses problèmes.
Donc après 3ans et demi avec de la bouffe de vétérinaire Hypo-allergènes couteuse et plusieurs traitements eux aussi couteux, nous avons décidé de se tourner vers la bouffe crue qui semblait très bien fonctionnés pour beaucoup de gens sur les forums canins.
Mrs Meady était le centre de nourriture cru avec le plus de recommandations et le plus de commentaires positifs, et je peux vous dire qu’après seulement 2 semaines d’essais je suis surpris de voir déjà de très beaux résultats : son pelage est plus brillant qu’il ne l’a jamais été, il n’a plus de mauvaises odeurs sur son corps et sa bouche/gueule ne sent plus mauvais non plus, et les plaques et boutons ne sont plus là non plus. Bien sûr avant de crié victoire je dois attendre une longue période de 6 mois pour voir s’il est stable, mais jusqu’à maintenant c’est la meilleure décision qu’on a prise et tout ça en si peu de temps, on a encore de la difficulté à croire.
Alors en résumé je recommande d’aller parler avec le sympathique David a sa boutique Mrs Meadys et d’essayer par vous-même, un service courtois et une solution avec des résultats concrets pour votre chien a des prix très raisonnable.
Merci David !
Francis W., Montreal
Hello David,
The least thing for me is to make a letter of thanks to the superb results we have so far with our dog through the food Mrs. Meadys.
I start with the beginning, our dog is a pit bull 3 years and a half, it is called Grizzly, since he was young we met several complications; this is a dog that has sensitive skin which has had problems of red patches on the body, the hives that spreads all over her body if not treated with antibiotics. We have done business with the same vet since childhood that we offer several treatment (antibiotics, treatment against fleas, wash with drugs, and the list goes on) but the problems always came back, and we were sick of constantly giving medication was our dog without knowing the cause of his problems.
So after 3 years and a half with our vet's Hypo-allergenic and several expensive treatments (too expensive), we decided to turn to raw food that seemed very operated well for many people on dog forums.
Mrs Meadys was the raw food center with more recommendations and more positive feedback, and I can tell you that after only 2 weeks of testing I'm surprised to see already very good results: its coat is shinier than it has ever been, he has no bad smells on his body and mouth / mouth feels worse either, and the plates and buttons are no longer there either. Of course before declared victory I have to wait a long period of 6 months to see if it is stable, but so far this is the best decision we have taken and all that in so little time, it was still struggling to believe.
So in summary I recommend going to talk with the sympathetic David from Mrs Meadys his shop and try for yourself, friendly service and a solution with real results for your dog has very reasonable price.
Thank you David!
Teddy B is doing really well...He loves his Mrs. Meadys' raw food!
Raw, raw, raw!
Kim B.



We'd say that professional dog-walker, Ann, knows a thing or two about Standard poodles. She's got four of them and exercises her ganag to the max. Ann raves about the improvement in their health since they've been on a raw diet!


Anne G., Montreal



Fanny might just be the most content cat on the island. We like to think that her raw diet might have something to do with it. Good work, Gerry!


Gerry C., Pincourt



Zoe not only breeds champion Alaskan Malamutes, but she's a certified dog trainer and a nutrition counsellor. And Nyny here, is proof that raw feeding is the best source of canine nutrition. Zoe's dogs are fed a wide variety of Mrs. Meadys' products including chevaline, bison, chicken, veal organ meat and have a special fondness for lamb tails and chew tubes.


Tonomi Alaskan Malamutes, Quebec


IMG 1366

Clownish and sweet are the best words to describe Mica the bull terrier's personality and she just loves her Mrs. Meady's raw diet.


Annabelle S., Laval



Introducing Fish, the 12-week old mini daxie getting off to a good start on a Mrs. Meadys' raw diet.


Laura F., Toronto



Like we say, the breeder knows best, like Zoe (from pupwellness), who breeds champion Malamutes. Zoe's brood only gets the best, that's why she feeds them Mrs. Meadys.

Tonomi Alaskan Malamutes, Quebec



Saber is helluva dog and maybe more - as in part wolf. Whatever the case may be, he's all canine and loves his raw diet and the variety he gets from Mrs. Meadys. Special favorites, elk, bison and lamb.

Kirya M., Montreal



Hi David, nice meeting you in Montreal last month. This is Liberty and he absolutely loves the Wapiti Elk you guys carry.

Chris K.
New Hampshire


We love Weimies and this beaut loves Mrs. Meadys. Her dad writes. "All is great thanks. As soon as she sees me go to the freezer to get her food she starts jumping. Thanks for everything."

Louis S., Montreal


zoes pups

Congrats to our fave Malamute breeder, Zoe, owner of Tonomi Malamutes on her newest arrivals born yesterday. Mom's (Crayola) first breakfast since giving birth consisted of Mrs. Meadys' bison tripe, veal and duck. Pleased to hear that all are doing well.


Tonomi Alaskan Malamutes, Quebec



Love the markings of this power mix. Isn't he a natural for a raw diet?


Serge G., Montreal



Octavia, this adorable little 4 pound chi, wasn't eating her dry food, so her mom decided to try out a Mrs. Meady's raw diet. Now we're pleased to report that she's eating with passion!


Melanie M., Montreal


jack and leelo

Love bird huskies Jack and Leeloo munch on a wide variety of Meadys' goodies, and have a special loves for treats like lamb & veal tails, duck necks and bison tripe.


Maggie C., Montreal



Jackson the pom has a discerning palate with a taste for rabbit, duck and...mostly everything else! And what a gorgeous coat, one of the major benefits of a Mrs. Meadys' raw diet.


Lydia B., Montreal

Introducing Dara, the jumbo-sized Bernese pup. Almost 80 lbs at just 6 months and growing. No doubt the raw Mrs. Meadys diet helps!
Mina, Montreal

sebs room

Lots of our customers are dog professionals, like Sebastien, a dog-walker and boarder, (highly recommended). Who knows better what their dog needs to eat than a pro? Here's a pic of Seb's bedroom with his weekend boarders. Looks like a happy brood!


Sebastien M, Montreal

Hi David, 
I hope everything is going well with you, I'm just sending you a picture of Grizzly we took this week, his coat never been so shiny, he's crazy about the food and everything is going so well!
Just a quick thank you again ! :)
Francis W., Montreal


Luluah, Minah & Safira. They could not be happier with Mrs. Meadys.

Bright eyes, good coats and happy happy kitties.


 Thank You!



Meet Capone, a real hunk of muscle if there ever was one and still just a puppy. We like to think that his Mrs. Meadys' diet has a lot to do with it!

Andrew N., Montreal



The choices we make for our pets are very important. This is Moose, a malamute - wolf hybrid and one of the most beautiful and calmest dogs you will ever meet. Moose likes to start his meal with a little bison tripe and move on to an assortment of other delectables from there.

Dany P., DDO



Two years later on a raw food diet and Sarah writes: Taz has such a nice shiny coat thanks to his Mrs.Meadys diet :)

Sarah T., Nova Scotia



Who says that Italian greyhounds are delicate little things? This 8 month old pup loves to rough it up with the bigger dogs and has an appetite for Mrs. Meadys' raw food that won't stop.


Robbie D., Montreal


johns easter babies

Raw feeding is a family tradition in this champion line of blue ribbon Leonbergers. John gets his babies on raw as soon as they can chew and by the looks of things, he doesn't have to do much convincing.


John B., Westmount

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